Saturday, January 15, 2011


Already on this blog, when I read it over the summer. Just taught it... and read it again.

I'll let my students speak this time.

Kate: I think when I look back at eighth grade, you know, like in five years or something, I'm going to remember two things. The eighth grade play, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Lucy: I think anyone who's becoming a citizen should have to read this book, because it will teach them about our history, but it will also teach them that we're trying to make things better.

Tyree: I really didn't want to read this book because it's, well, a Classic. But I'm really glad I did.

Lesly: I read the beginning of it before and hated it. I wouldn't have read it if we hadn't had to read it in class, but I think reading it together really helped. Part 1 was kind of boring, but I loved part 2. (True, Lesly, Part 1 can be a little slow in places.)

Ned: I'm really surprised at how much I loved this book. Because it's, well, a Classic.

Keka: I disagree that Part 1 is boring. I love stories about summer and childhood and family, and that feeling that you can just kind of hang around and do nothing and invent games...

Rieza: I love this book! Even though I would normally never read a book like this. You know, a Classic.

JULIET, NAKED by Nick Hornby

Still not ready for mental prime time. Needed another like the one I'd just finished. I've always found Hornby's novels fun to read. This one is no exception. A triangle between an aging has-been rock star, a die-hard fan and his girlfriend, Juliet is not Hornby's best, nor is it as laugh aloud funny as the Tropper, but goes down easy, is well-crafted, and thoroughly fit the bill.

THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU by Jonathan Tropper

I was looking for a "beach read" in this winter of my discontent. I wanted to be entertained and distracted from my own thoughts. I didn't want to work at anything. But if the writing isn't excellent, why bother? Tropper is the master.

This is Where I Leave You is about a man sitting shiva for his father and the family. It's hilarious, breezy and well-written.