Monday, February 8, 2010


Tempted to describe it as Love Story meets The Killing Fields... but it's far better than that would make it sound. The occasional passage of dripping prose, and a second person narrative that is at turns eerily effective and irritating... but mostly a tightly-paced story of love and obsession set against the Cambodian Genocide. What makes us human? What robs us of our humanity? What is it about a good love story that we can never get enough of them?

Why Not Put It All In One Place?

I have lost track of all the places I've tried to log the books I've read. Some of the places I remember: the back pages of a Filofax that I used before I went digital, a notebook, several different Web apps, some that interfaced with Facebook, some stand alone, the independent reading site that I ask my students to use, but where I was the lone teacher posting...

I have been a voracious reader all my life... but when I finish a book, I tend to forget nearly everything about it, except whether I liked it or not. If I write a few sentences about it, I may remember a little more.

This site is really for me... to keep track. But I'm also hoping my reading friends may want to talk books here.